Help Support Us!

Donald Sinta Quartet, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and accepts tax-deductible donations. Your financial support is invaluable to us!

For what is your donation used?

  • CD production

    • We have already released our debut CD, one more in the editing phase, and several more album ideas on the docket​

  • DSQ's National Composition Competition 

    • We offer a monetary prize to 1 or 2 winning composers and produce a concert featuring the winners and runners-up every year​​​​​

  • Commissioning composers​

    • We have commissioned dozens of composers and plan to continue so we can help contribute ​to the ever-expanding sax quartet repertoire

  • Promotional Materials​

    • In order to maintain and increase our profile and reach, we are always trying to acquire high quality photo and video materials

Thank you for considering making a donation to DSQ and facilitating our ability to make music and advocate for the saxophone and chamber music!