Community Engagement & Educational Outreach Offerings

Through DSQ’s educational outreach offerings they strive to teach, engage, and inspire audiences. Whether in front of grade-schoolers, college students, or the community, DSQ shares its passion for chamber music through audience-centered presentations and clinics. All of DSQ’s offerings can be catered to the specific needs and desires of the school and community in which they take place.
The Musical Entrepreneur
DSQ discusses what it means to be a musical entrepreneur and the business of chamber music. Members discuss how they developed individually, how the group grew together, the lessons learned, and the relationships garnered along the way.
Composition Workshops
DSQ’s experience with new music runs deep, from running an annual student composition competition to commissioning up-and-coming composers. DSQ members discuss and demonstrate what the saxophone is capable of, how to write effectively, what resources to reference throughout the process, and the logistics of commissioning. With enough lead time, DSQ welcomes a collaborative session where they read student compositions and/or sketches.
Chamber Music
  • A staple of collegiate DSQ residencies. Members of DSQ are at home in front of a variety of ensembles (not just the saxophone!); if it involves musicians playing together, DSQ can help them develop as a chamber music ensemble.
  • DSQ are equally comfortable coaching soloists. Again, saxophone is our specialty, but we’re happy to work with anyone who would like to play for us.
The Art of Transcription
DSQ regularly borrows music from voice, strings, and popular music. Members of the group discuss how to transcribe/arrange effectively. What musical characteristics lend themselves to being a successful quartet transcription? What do we avoid? What can you expect when performing music from other traditions both in competitions and public performance?